Advocacy Originals

Jasper House Advocacy Originals such as WarriorTalk. WarriorTalk by Jasper House Warriors is a raw conversation about living with Sickle Cell from the many untold stories. This delivers dynamic awareness & advocacy for people living with Sickle Cell Anemia. Check out our latest work.

Therapeutic Conversations

Jasper House Warriors Therapeutic Conversations is an educational purpose discussion about variant mental health dynamics. Hosted by Lance Jasper Jones and Megan L. Coulter, mental health talk brings a fresh take for the youth and for the grown. Covering topics such as Sickle Cell, long-term chronic conditions, self-care, comorbidities, psychosocial conditions and more.

Therapeutic Conversations (Self-Care)

Therapeutic Conversations (Chronic Conditions)

Therapeutic Conversations (Being Black in Mental Health)

COVID 19 & Sickle Cell Discussion

A Conversation about COVID 19 with people living with Sickle Cell.

International Women's Day with Margaret Cassell 

Jasper House Warriors taps in with Maragret Cassell from Africa for International Women's Day & Mental Health Awareness Month talking Sickle Cell and Mental Health.

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